The proces

1. The Mould

Creating a bronze sculpture starts with the making of a mould, which is the basis of the productive process.
When making the mould the original sculpture is carefully divided into parts, from which a rubber mould is being made and covered with an epoxy layer.
To make a wax model the mould is thereafter filled with hot wax.

2. The Wax model

When the wax model has solidified until about 4 mm along the sides of the mould, the rest of the still liquid wax is emptied.
This wax model will be removed and retouched until it resembles the original.
Cast tubes and air tubes are being attached to the sculpture so, when liquid bronze is being poured into the hollow sculpture, the air can escape.

3. The oven

The model is sprayed with a layer of plaster as well as gravel,and thereafter plunged into a gravel bath to get a solid outside layer. This results in a fireproof mould.
To get rid of the wax in this new mould it has to be put in an oven at 700 degrees during three days.

4. The Casting of bronze

Bronze is made liquid at temperatures about 1200 degrees, then poured into the fireproof mould, which is being removed when the bronze is solid.
The remaining gravel is removed by water under high pressure.
Cast and air tubes are now being removed.

5. The Finish

The finish starts with sandblasting of the sculpture.
To get rid of irregularities grinding is done manually.
By means of an electrical welding tool the different parts are put together again.
The sculpture ca now be finished in detail and if necessary polished.

6. Finishing touch


Colour is being added by patinating,which means burning acids with heat onto the sculpture.
During this process the heat must be carefully controlled.
At last a wax layer will be added and the last polishing takes place.

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